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Payment Options


If your credit qualifies, then we will keep you full and bill you for each fill.  You have 30 days from delivery to pay your bill.

Budget Billing

this is a payment plan where you pay the same payment every month for a year.  We will keep your tank full and it will only cost you the level payment each month.  Each April, we will recalculate your payment plan according toyour usage the previous 12 months.

Will Call

you let us know when your tank is on 20% and we will schedule you a delivery and bill you for the gas.  You have 30 days to pay from the time of your delivery. You will need to qualify from your credit score.

Budget Billing Program

How it works

Budget Billing is a program that eases the highs and lows of your monthly bills. Instead of paying for each delivery plus your tank rent, which can be a lump some, you pay an average amount, based on your propane usage from the previous 12 months with an average price of propane.

Please note that Budget Billing is not a discount program.  As a Budget Billing customer, we will keep gas in your tank as long as you are current on your payments.

Each year in April, and periodically at other times, we will review your account to determine if your Budget Billing amount needs to be adjusted. We will notify you of any adjustments before your bill changes.

How to qualify

  • You must be a residential or small commercial customer
  • You must not owe a large overdue balance

How to enroll

  • Visit our website, click to let us know that you wish to set up for Budget Billing. Provide us with your contact information.
  • Call your local office or 1-800-387-1362
  • Email that you would like to be set up, providing us with your contact

Once enrolled

  • The monthly designated amount must be paid by the 15th of each month
  • Accounts must be maintained current to remain active in the Budget Billing program.
  • Your monthly amount will be recalculated each April or sooner if significant changes to the monthly consumption patterns occur. The monthly amount may be increased or decreased based on the new calculation.
  • If two payments are missed, you will be qualified for finance charges for the amount still owed for gas or rent.

To discontinue Budget Billing

When discontinuing Budget Billing, the entire balance owed for gas and rent will be posted directly to your account. If you owe us a remaining amount, this balance is due on your next statement payment date. If you have a credit amount, we will credit your account by that amount.

To discontinue Budget Billing, call your local office or 1-800-387-1362 and speak to a customer service representative or contact us through our website.